Five Women The Company Should Sign In 2019

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AEW is betting big on their women’s division. Here are five women’s wrestlers who could make that bet pay off.

Let’s take AEW at their word: women’s wrestling is going to be a big part of the brand, and the women who participate will be treated equally to their male coworkers. That’s great news!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Elite might have missed a detail here. They’ve signed ten men to the roster so far, including PAC and Chris Jericho, undeniably huge acquisitions for a new company. But they’ve only signed three women!

No offense intended to AEW women’s roster: Britt Baker is a legitimate star, Penelope Ford has done some great intergender and tag team work, and Brandi Rhodes has been working hard to establish herself via excursions with STARDOM and Women of Honor.

However, this is only three women. Unless they’re planning a whole bunch of handicap matches and triple threats, three women does not a division make.

It’s a bit strange to start a promotion with a publicity-friendly ballyhoo about gender equality but place three times as many men as women on your actual roster.

Good intentions only matter so far as they carry over to your business practices. Women’s wrestling fans have been burned by big companies before, and they can probably be forgiven for some skepticism about AEW right now.

To be fair, Brandi Rhodes did allude to ongoing conversations with other women’s wrestlers and companies, so we can assume they’re working on this.

Still, I’d like to help them out. Read on for five recommendations for AEW’s growing women’s division. Let’s see some new faces at Double or Nothing, OK?

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