Five matches to welcome back the ‘King of Mystery’

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Rey Mysterio picked up a win over Shawn Michaels to honor his friend, Eddie Guerrero // Credit:

Rey Mysterio is heading back to the WWE, and fans should be wildly excited. These are suggestions for five matches that should happen at some point when he steps through the curtain.

Now that it’s official, WWE fans can truly get excited that Rey Mysterio is headed back to a WWE ring. It’s been only three years since he left the organization, but it seems like he’s been gone for much longer than that. His surprise return at the Royal Rumble this year set the industry ablaze, not just because he was there, but because he looked to be in peak condition and moved like the Mysterio of old. If you follow him on Instagram, it’s clear that the 43-year old wrestler is putting in the work in the gym and keeping himself in great shape.

Rey Mysterio has long been heralded as one of the top cruiserweights to ever step in the ring. He’s put on instant classics across the WCW, ECW, and WWE. His time on the independent circuit has allowed him to participate in some intriguing matches with some of the best talent in smaller promotions in the world; taking him out of the mainstream light and putting him in front of the hardcore fan.

To many, this has been a positive move for his career. He’s put on great matches with names that you may recognize in NXT and some that are still prospering in promotions around the world.

While it hasn’t been announced whether he will return to Raw or SmackDown, he could be used on either show. Yes, the WWE has 205 Live for the cruiserweights, but placing him there for a long term run would not be the right move at this time. With SmackDown 1000 coming up in a few weeks, it looks like he could be headed back to the blue brand once again. Either way, here are five matches that would be a great way to re-introduce the multiple-time champion to a new generation of WWE action and fan.

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