Firefly Fun House puppets were loose again… so where’s Bray Wyatt?

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Another week with no new Firefly Fun House, and still no Bray Wyatt on Raw last night (July 8). Plus, unlike the past couple weeks, the puppets were really hard to spot!

Well, not Huskus, who was clearly creeping (but possibly eyeless-ly?) behind Ricochet:

USA Network

And while I’m not 100% entirely convinced, there are folks who insist this was Abby the Witch way, waaaay down the corridor behind janitor Gary Garbutt:


Meanwhile, we keep hearing that Bray himself is travelling with WWE. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer says Wyatt will be back, “any day now”.

It’s enough to drive a Firefly mad!

And maybe that’s been the Fiend’s plan all along…

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