Fire Away With This Bow and Arrow Choke From Stockade

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Timura BJJ spends so much time torturing training partners to make high quality tutorials for grapplers–thank you for those slow motion edits, T–that it’s hard to figure out exactly when he sleeps. This week he’s fired out another savage choke, a bow and arrow from the stockade position.

Timura explains that the benefit of setting up the choke from stockade is not needing to go into full extension to get the tap afterwards. With your foot blocking the fulcrum of their arm and the pressure on the neck from your opponent’s lapels, it’s a reliable and painful finisher so long as your grips are positioned correctly.

Give it a look here:

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Kimberly Kaye

Kimberly Kaye is a blue belt under Plinio Cruz now training BJJ and Muay Thai out of NOLA MMA. When she’s not being choked or kicked by large Louisianians, she’s a student of integrative medicine/nutrition at FCMA and rehabilitator of deaf bully breed dogs no one else wants. Kimberly coexists with the rare diseases CIPO and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, and is an advocate for disabled individuals in the martial arts community and world at large.

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