Finn Balor should be the mastermind behind the AJ Styles turn

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WWE Raw featured the surprising heel turn of AJ Styles, but just imagine the reaction of all of this culminated in a reveal of Finn Balor pulling the strings behind The Club he originally founded in Japan.

The Paul Heyman brand of WWE Raw was kicked off on Monday and the majority of the response is widely positive. The former head of ECW has created a hype around the flagship show that saw an increase in ratings as the show has faced a continued decline in recent months. One of the more intriguing aspects of the show was AJ Styles’ heel turn as he seemingly reformed The Club with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. However, there’s an opportunity to make this story even more interesting if this is all a ruse created by an “OG” of Bullet Club: Finn Balor.

Styles and Ricochet put on another stellar match as they battled over the United States Championship. Ricochet came out of the bout with the belt, but Gallows and Anderson were not far away – watching from ringside. They would call out for the “old” Styles and he obliged them both, laying out Ricochet to kick start the beatdown.

This was very similar to how Styles turned on John Cena, leading to the popular tagline “Beat up John Cena.” We will see if Ricochet will get his own version of the hashtag, but The Club is on their way to being one of the hottest acts on WWE television today.

Balor used to be one of hottest acts for the promotion. That was until WWE creative found a way to cool off the former Universal Champion. So much so that his reigns as Intercontinental Champion have been mediocre at best. Balor is floundering on the main roster and even The Demon character can’t help him remain an intriguing attraction for the fans.

Imagine setting the stage where Styles, Gallows and Anderson continue to antagonize Ricochet for months on end; culminating in another opportunity for Styles to challenge for the US Title. When the opportunity to assist Styles presents itself, Gallows and Anderson turn their back on him. This allows Balor to attack, pushing Styles out of the group and turning heel at the same time.

Since Styles joined WWE back in 2016 the list of “dream matches” was long and packed. Balor was one of those names as the just missed each other as prominent names in Japan. Pitting the two against each other is a storyline that WWE Creative has had in their back pocket but has yet to pull the trigger on.

Fans were given a slight taste of their chemistry when a last-minute match was booked due to rampant illness at TLC in October of 2017. Imagine if the WWE Universe was given that feud with the long term booking behind it to make it that much more impactful.

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While everyone wants to see a version of Bullet Club in the WWE, this is an opportunity for the creative minds backstage to build to a different storyline using four of their top talents on the roster. And while everyone wants to see them as a faction, running rampant across the WWE – the slow build to that can start with a feud within the group that pits Styles against the mastermind of The Club – Finn Balor himself. We already know that any iteration of the matches would be fantastic, and this could only lead to bigger angles down the line.

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