FFS, WWE, stop doing this

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This clip of a cameraperson more or less doing squats as he films Seth Rollins attacking Drew McIntyre with a steel chair during the opening segment of Raw has been making the rounds since last night. It’s exhibit A for the kind of nausea-inducing over-production which plagues WWE television, a mix of following the action in real-time and rapid zooms that should come with a warning label. Or a dose of Dramamine. Or both.

But rather than have me tell you about, here’s the video. In a nutshell, this:

Gives you this:

Now, I was gonna break this down with more GIFs and pretty much talk out of my @$$ on a subjects (videography, directing and production) I know little to nothing about. But in discussing things in the Cageside offices, my main man Geno cut a promo which pretty much sums it up:

“This is really fucking stupid, and this video shows exactly how stupid. Not just because the camera guy appears to be having a seizure, but because we have someone filming normally and the impact of the chair shots actually looks BETTER. For fuck’s sake, WWE, stop doing this.”

So that’s all we have to say about that.

Okay, one more thing, because I’m a liar who likes to get the last word. But for some reason, this shot from before the one documented above cracks me up even more:

Something about the way they direct the camera to lead us like a moron just amazes me: “Seth has a chair! But the refs say no! But he’s thinking! And he still has a chair!”

Or, as Geno put it, “It really is a show for kids, man.”

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