Fantasy Booking A Second All-Women’s Pay Per View

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Last year, WWE Evolution exceeded already high expectations exponentially. Everyone expected for the first all women’s pay-per-view in WWE history to be a good one, but few expected it to be enough of an absolute banger for it to hold up as the best WWE PPV of 2018.

As a celebration of women’s wrestling within the WWE, Evolution proved to be an incredibly enjoyable and absolutely fun event for both hardcore viewers and casual fans. Many people enjoyed Evolution more than that year’s WrestleMania, which says a lot.

WWE have yet to announce that they will be running an Evolution 2 in 2019, but considering the rave reviews for last year’s Evolution event, surely WWE have to have plans in the cards for running another all women’s pay-per-view event. If not, then WWE would be foolish to not be considering a follow up to one of the biggest PPVs of the last year and arguably the last decade.

Several critics and fans alike are eagerly anticipating a sequel to WWE Evolution. In my case especially, I am anticipating the show so much that I compiled a slideshow showcasing my predictions from the show. I compiled an entire hypothetical card for Evolution 2 from the opening contest to the main event of the show. In my eyes, the most ideal card for the second Evolution event would be a celebration of women’s wrestling and its rich history that features the best that the division has to offer from the division’s past, present and future.

Hopefully, the card that I came up with accurately reflects that.

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