Fabricio Werdum Helps Save Drowning Teen At The Beach

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Image Source: Fabricio Werdum via Instagram

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum helped save two teens as they risked drowning at a beach near his home in Los Angeles, CA. The incident was first reported by Ag Fight.

Werdum was having a picnic at Torrance Beach with his wife and daughters when he noticed a fire brigade preparing to rescue two teens who he describes as being about “70 meters” (230 feet) from the beach. However, when Werdum realized that only one of the lifeguard was ready to dive in, he took it upon himself to dive into the water to help.

Werdum got permission from the security official to take a float out to sea, where he was able to rescue the boy — the young woman was reportedly taken back to shore on a lifeboat. Werdum says that the journey back to the beach was rough, with the waves sinking the float “about three times.” However, once they got closer to shore, another man helped Werdum and the teen the rest of the way back to the beach.

The fighters says that the impromptu rescue mission was “worse than fighting. It doesn’t even come close.”

Watch the clip of the end of the rescue, taken by Werdum’s wife, below:

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