Evisceration alert! Teddy Hart verbally torched MJF

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Last Friday’s live SuperFight spectacular from MLW didn’t contain an official H2tv segment, but there was still plenty for Hart Foundation fans to cheer about. Most importantly, Teddy Hart and Davey Smith Jr. defeated Fenix and Pentagon to become tag team champions. The champagne celebration with Brian Pillman Jr. hit the showers to provide a worthy replacement for H2tv.

Maxwell J. Friedman approached middleweight champ Teddy Hart about getting his title back. (MJF vacated the belt due to injury and Hart claimed it in victory during a ladder match.) Hart put MJF in his place.

You can view the encounter in the video below. Hopefully it picks up on point. If not, zip forward to the 41:40 mark.

This is one of those exchanges that is much more effective to view with your own eyes rather than only reading the words, but here is the verbal scene anyway.

MJF: Hey, Teddy…

Pillman: Wooooo! You don’t address him as Teddy. You address him as daddyyyyyy.

Smith: Hey, what do you want, huh?

MJF: Back up, big man.

Hart: Let him talk. He’s got a big mouth. I love guys with big mouths. Question is can you back it up. You want this (Middleweight Championship)?

MJF: Can back up the fact that you literally stole that title from me and you celebrate about it?

Hart: (Pouring champagne onto title.) Why don’t you lick the champagne off the belt, my friend.

MJF: Just do me favor. Get that cheap champagne off my belt.

Hart: Licking the tears off your face when they’re dripping down, you crying. All I hear you do is cry about not getting this opportunity. So, guess what? Anytime you want this belt, you know where to find me, my friend, in the ring. We own this promotion. You were a guy that didn’t have the balls to stay, so go join the Elite and get the hell out of our face before I turn it into a street fight, my friend.

The Hart Foundation proceeded to spray champagne toward MJF as he scurried away.

Smith: Cool off, buster.


First off, if that is how Teddy Hart treats his friends, I would hate to be his enemy. Second, Pillman’s delivery of the daddy line cracks me up every time. Third, MJF was completely outclassed in oral sparring and physical presence. It was like a boy among men. The best part was the reference to MJF signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Hart absolutely annihilated MJF. That is the type of promo that can put an unwashable stink on a wrestler. MJF looked like a twerp. Even though MJF is with AEW, he still has plans to compete for MLW at March’s Intimidation Games.

I have to be honest. MJF better bring his A game if he wrestles Teddy Hart at Intimidation Games. He needs to show tremendous intensity. Otherwise, he’ll have a one-way ticket to Chumpsville in my eye. MJF is young and most likely capable of digging himself out of that hole, but goodness gracious was he ever eviscerated in that shower scene.

What is your take on Teddy Hart’s mockery of MJF? What is the worst ethering from a wrestling promo?

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