Even MMA journalists can’t stop talking about Becky Lynch

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If I were to tell you that some top mixed martial arts journalists and commentators are buzzing about one of WWE’s Women’s champions, you’d probably assume they were focused on Raw’s Ronda Rousey. Or maybe NXT’s Shayna Baszler.

It would be a logical assumption, seeing as those women were MMA trailblazers. And yes, they both come up – especially Rousey. But if you were to assume the shoot fighting press was only talking Rowdy or the Queen of Spades, you’d be making an ass out of, well… you know.

One person you wouldn’t bother is Becky Lynch. She’s too busy being The Man. And having folks like ESPN’s Ariel Helwani declare her his favorite combat sports story…

… and MMAFighting’s Shaheen Al-Shatti & Marc Raimondi* using the Badlass’ rise in WWE as a conversation starter, and deciding that Badass Nate Diaz is her UFC comp…

How’s that for crossover appeal?

* Yes, MMAFighting is a fellow Vox/SBNation site and, yes, Marc is a big pro wrestling fan and frequent contributor here at cSs… so? They wouldn’t be talking about The Man if she wasn’t The Man, know what I’m sayin’?

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