Ethan Page explains the way television changes your wrestling style

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On this week’s edition of the Bitter Boys Club, Brent Brookhouse and Ethan Page cover a lot of ground, but also get into Page’s match with Willie Mack on this week’s Impact Wrestling “Uncaged” special.

Page discusses why he likes the match and how wrestling on TV/Twitch has changed his approach to matches.

Here are some highlights:

It’s me vs. Willie Mack on the Uncaged TV special. I’m super pumped for that match … because I already filmed it and I know how good it was.

I’ll give a little insight, I guess about putting the match together. Because how TV works, and I’ve been super freaked out about this lately because I never want to be the wrestler who goes over time and takes away from the show because it’s the way it happens. I’m also a video editor so I also understand the unwanted stress of having to find a way to take a minute out of the match without having it look stupid. Usually you do it with a commercial break, but if your match doesn’t have a commercial break and just goes straight through, you best not be screwing up.

So what I’ve been doing and practicing a lot — and I apologize to anyone that has seen me on the indies — I’ve been doing it like a stand-up comedian where I’m working on material. I would be working on spots that I could call on the fly because going into TV tapings now I plan way less than I should so if the referee is ever like, ‘Yo, you guys have to take it home’ I’m never overly stressed and freaking out. I can just call one of these spots I have in my back pocket or just be comfortable on the fly and change it up.

This Willie Mack match, we ended up planning so little that out there they were like, ‘You have seven minutes left’ or something, and I was like, ‘oh, I guess we just have to do a bunch of shit on the fly.’ So we did, and I loved the match.

How is that a change from when you were a younger wrestler?

If I hadn’t been wrestling for 12 years I would easily look at this opportunity every time I’m there as the biggest opportunity of my career because it’s “televised.” It is and I would be super nervous and super excited and I would plan every cool thing I know how to do and I would cram it into the time I’ve been alloted and if one mistake happens, we start going long and the referee is like, ‘You have one minute left’ but we have six minutes left that we planned? Now I’d be panicking.

Not only would I be panicking, my opponent is panicking, the producer is yelling at the referee, the referee is yelling at us. It’s a stressful scenario and it creates more problems than we need. That’s why I changed the entire method of how I wrestle. That’s on the independents too.

It’s just a new skill i’m adding to my repertoire. I never want to be the person who gets brought up in the conversation of taking time away from others.

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