ESPN Releases Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards Backstage Brawl

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Grappler and UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal silenced London mixed martial arts fans on March 26, knocking out Darren Till during the pair’s faceoff at UFC Fight Night 147. But it wasn’t to be Masvidal’s last fight of the night.

Reports quickly came out of London that a backstage scuffle happened post-fight between Masvidal and UK brawler Leon Edwards as Masvidal was giving his winner’s circle interview with ESPN’s Laura Sanko, leaving Edwards cut and members of his entourage shouting about assault charges.

ESPN has since released their footage of the altercation, starting with Sanko’s staid interview with Masvidal which is then interrupted by an inaudible comment by Edwards as he passes by. Whatever he said–witnesses say it was snide comment that’s totally on-brand for the cocky striker–is enough to draw Masvidal right off camera in into Edwards’ face, and then punches are thrown. Video cuts to Edwards nursing a cut under his eye while some bros yell at each other about how fighters getting into fights backstage at a fight night is criminal:

Edwards, who defeated Gunnar Nelson in the ring, had been celebrating his 7th consecutive UFC win at the time he was popped by Masvidal.

The scuffle doesn’t seem to pose any longterm threat to anyone. Masvidal was still announced as the Performance of the Night winner:

Tim Kennedy may ultimately have earned the final word on this issue:

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