Emotional Seth Rollins gets no answers out of Dean Ambrose

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This feud is going to be good.

Seth Rollins came to Monday Night Raw looking for answers and all he got was an assortment of Dean Ambrose facial expressions.

Rollins carefully walked the line between being fired up about Ambrose stabbing him in the back and having his soul crushed by his former friend. The audience felt both Rollins’ pain and his anger towards Ambrose.

The WWE Intercontinental champion gave his peace about Roman Reigns fight versus leukemia then transitioned over to wanting a face to face with Ambrose. Under emotional distress, Rollins was in no mood for Ambrose’s mind games.

Just look at this face-off while Rollins stood in the ring and Ambrose gave him in the silent treatment from the crowd.

The segment hit all the right notes and left fans wanting more drama between Rollins and Ambrose.

Rollins even acknowledged when he himself turned on Reigns and Ambrose during his promo.

With Seth and Dean switching roles from when the first time they feuded as single competitors, will this blood feud surpass what the pair did from 2014-2016?

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