Ellerbe: Zero Respect For Lomachenko For Criticizing Mayweather!

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By Gilbert Manzano

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe has no problem with Vasiliy Lomachenko trash talking with one of his fighters.

Ellerbe understands the fight game. Fighters bad-mouthing each other makes promoters’ lives easier. In this sport, you gotta sell, sell, sell.

When Lomachenko called Gervonta Davis the best pound-for-pound fighter on Twitter, that’s fair game.


When Lomachenko criticized Floyd Mayweather’s legacy, the unified lightweight champion crossed the line in the eyes of Ellerbe.

“I have zero respect for (Lomachenko) for his comments that he made about Floyd’s legacy,” Ellerbe told BoxingScene.com. “The Tank (Davis) stuff, that’s fight talk, so you ignore that.

“Floyd Mayweather has accomplished more in his career than this kid would ever accomplish, for starters, and whoever advised him or told him to make those comments as it relates to Floyd’s career, that wasn’t very smart.”

A lot has been said in the past year, but Ellerbe wasn’t happy with Lomachenko saying Mayweather wasn’t an athlete. Lomachenko said those comments in March during an interview with Teddy Atlas on THE FIGHT podcast.

Lomachenko said Mayweather and Davis put money first over making compelling bouts.

“They are businessmen, they are not athletes,” Lomachenko told Atlas. “They are making money. I am an athlete and I want to fight with the top fighters for history. For my history and for boxing history.”

Those comments resurfaced last week when Lomachenko claimed that he would go down to 130 pounds to fight Davis for free. That reminded Ellerbe about Lomachenko’s criticism of Mayweather.

“Whoever put that battery pack in (Lomachenko) to say those things, they should know it will come back to haunt them,” Ellerbe said.

Ellerbe made it clear that he thinks Lomachenko is one of the best fighters in the world, and would love to see a fight with him and Davis. But he sees no point in Lomachenko bringing up Mayweather, the 50-0 retired boxing superstar and promoter.

“Look, this is the fact, I think he’s an excellent fighter, let’s start with that,” Ellerbe said. “But worry about what you have going on and we worry about our fighter. (Top Rank) knows that fight isn’t ready, but I’m very confident that Gervonta Davis beats him.”

Lomachenko made quick work of Anthony Crolla with a fourth-round knockout on Friday at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Davis is scheduled for a homecoming bout in Baltimore this summer.  

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