Ellerbe Reacts To De La Hoya Legal Threat Over Ryan Garcia

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By Radio Rahim

Last month, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya issued a legal letter to Floyd Mayweather – with the letter advising the retired former five division world champion to stay away from lightweight prospect Ryan Garcia.

During the same month, Mayweather made a fight offer to Garcia during an interview with TMZ Sports. He offered $200,000 for Garcia to fight Mayweather Promotions fighter Rolando Romero.

Garcia, regarded as one of the rising stars within Golden Boy’s stable, personally attended a Mayweather Promotions card on February 9th, to watch WBA super featherweight champion Gervonta Davis score a first round knockout of Hugo Ruiz in Carson, California.

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Mayweather, should Garcia beat Romero, promised to make the fight with Davis.

After Garcia attended Mayweather’s birthday party this past weekend, De La Hoya had his legal team issue a cease and desist letter to Floyd.

De La Hoya explained that Mayweather crossed the line.

Well, there are proper ways of making fights happen. You don’t go out there publicly [making offers]. The proper way, is you send in a contract and we take a look at it and we talk about it and we make it happen. That’s what real promoters do. Not one word [from them in response to the letter],” De La Hoya told TMZ Sports.

“In any business, you don’t deal with matters publicly, especially in business…. you talk about it or send an email. The proper way is to pick up the phone and call me.”

Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO for Mayweather Promotions, gave his take on last month’s headlines and the legal letter issued by De La Hoya.

According to Ellerbe, there was never any business related discussions with Garcia. He says the young prospect is simply very interested in attending high profile events where celebrities and attractive women are out in full force.

“Ryan Garcia loves fly sh*t. He likes dressing nice, he likes being around nice looking women. He’s just a young kid, who I admire his personality. I’ve never said anything to him other than paying mutual comments. I like him, he’s a cool little dude, but he likes coming to fly sh*t,” Ellerbe said.

“He knows what it is. I’m sure that he would love the opportunity to fight someone like Gervonta Davis, but Ryan Garcia likes to be around fly sh*t, he likes to be around fly events, celebrities, with nice looking ladies, and magnitude of these events. I would never turn down a guy who wants to come, because we’re not doing or saying anything to him.

“We know he’s a Golden Boy fighter, and we have a mutual respect. I like how he carries himself. He likes how I carry myself. We talks about the fights, when he’s at the fights. If he made a choice to come to a Mayweather Promotions event, to take a look at an eventual fighter that he might be fighting – then so be it. 

“I didn’t even pay any attention to [the legal letter]. It’s not like we’re putting him in some situation where we want to sit down and have a meeting. The guy just wants to come to some fly sh*t.”

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