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Edwin Najmi’s Details for the Darce


Great Details To Properly Finish The Darce Choke!

The darce choke is a head and arm strangle commonly utilized in Jiu Jitsu and MMA. The darce choke is the cousin of the anaconda choke and arm-in guillotine. Because these three chokes are so similar in appearance, students often get confused about which submission is correct and consequentially add the wrong details to finish the submission.

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The main difference between the darce, anaconda, and arm-in guillotine is the positioning of the choking arm and the support arm. In the anaconda choke, the choking arm wraps around the head all the way through till it reaches the arm pit. In the guillotine, the choking arm wraps only around the head. The darce is a little weird, however, in that the choking arm goes through the armpit and then wraps around the head.

There are a lot of positions to attack the darce choke from, and essentially any position that allows for the guillotine or anaconda will be suitable to attack a darce from. Some of these positions include front headlock and top side control. One of the most popular positions to attack the darce choke from is top half guard.

A lot of techniques and escapes from bottom half guard require the guard player to get an under hook. Reaching for the under hook from bottom half guard allows for the darce and is why the darce is so popular from here. While the bottom player is reaching for their under hook, they are bringing their shoulder in proximity with their head, which is what is needed to attack the choke. In the following video, Black Belt prodigy Edwin Najmi, a master of the darce choke, explains how to attack it from top half guard.

It appears that Edwin is making the technique more complicated than it should and that it is not necessary to roll on your side. The reason Edwin does this is to move the defender’s under hook arm so that it is positioned across their face.

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This will force the defender’s own shoulder to choke them out. Not doing this may work against inexperienced students, but any high level grappler will know to keep their under hook arm away from their head.

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