Dysfunction Taking Over Heading Into Survivor Series

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WWE SmackDown

The Nov. 6 edition of WWE SmackDown featured several dream-caliber matches pitting superstars that have never faced each other before with several of the matches affecting Survivor Series.

Last night’s WWE SmackDown was heavy on in-ring action that was one of the most stellar nights of wrestling for the blue brand in a while with major Survivor Series implications at stake.

With Survivor Series less than two weeks away, the blue brand is building its different teams to square off with the red brand.  With that being said, let’s take a look at a few grades from the Nov. 6 edition of WWE SmackDown.

5. Opening Segment

The recent Crown Jewel event was one of the most controversial events in WWE history given the issues going on in Saudi Arabia.  The real-life controversy was a big deal, but a storyline controversy didn’t make things much better after the event was over.

The World Cup tournament was set to determine the “best in the world,” but it ended up more of a joke at first glance.  The final round of the tournament came down to Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz, but Miz getting hurt during the match led to SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon inserting himself into the match.  And wouldn’t you know, Shane O’Mac won and is now the “best in the world.”

Last night’s show opened up with GM Paige calling Shane down to the ring and for the first time in a while, he got more boos than cheers from the crowd.  Shane explained that he didn’t think he was the best in the world, but he couldn’t let a Raw superstar win that tournament. He inserted himself in the match so the blue brand could win.  Shane also announced that Daniel Bryan would be the team captain of SmackDown’s Survivor Series team.

However, that didn’t sit well with The Miz and he wanted to be the captain instead.  So, Shane and Paige decided to make them co-captains.  This was a pretty straightforward segment, but it was good enough even without doing a whole lot.  The rumors of a Shane O’Mac heel turn are on standby at the moment, but keep that in mind moving forward.

This was a pretty good opening segment that helped shed more light on the fallout of Crown Jewel and the buildup towards Survivor Series.

Final Grade: B

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