DX Is Up To Its Old Tricks Again

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The Oct. 29 edition of WWE Raw was a big night for the red brand after a brand-changing episode last week while also coming off the heels of the Evolution pay-per-view.

Last night’s WWE Raw focused on the fallout of last week’s show while also serving as the final Raw before Crown Jewel on Friday where several marquee matches will take place.

Things are heating up on the red brand with only a couple more months remaining in 2018.  With that being said, let’s take a look at five key takeaways from the Oct. 29 edition of WWE Raw.

5. Elias As A Babyface Has Great Potential

Walking with Elias has been a trend the WWE universe has been following for over a year since Elias has been on the main roster.  His work has remained entertaining basically since day one, but fans are getting to see a slightly new side of Elias over the past couple weeks.

Throughout his entire main roster run, Elias has been a heel that lives to incite boos from the WWE universe.  However, thanks to his actions last week against acting GM Baron Corbin, Elias is now a babyface for the first time on the main roster.  His babyface run continued last night, thanks in large part because of Corbin once again.

Elias was set to perform a new song dedicated to Corbin, but he decided to take it to another level by taking the song to Corbin backstage.  He stood outside of Corbin’s locker room door and began playing his song that roasted Corbin from start to finish.  Things got dicey from there, however, when Jinder Mahal attacked Elias from behind and Corbin jumped at the opportunity to book Elias vs. Mahal immediately after the attack.

The last laugh would go to Elias, however, when he defeated The Modern Day Maharaja to one-up Corbin one more time.  Babyface Elias has a ton of potential because now, the WWE has decided to make him a total fan favorite.  Despite the babyface turn, the roots of Elias’ character are still intact and he’s as big of a savage now as he’s ever been.

WWE wants all fans to Walk With Elias and thanks to turning him babyface, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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