Dustin Poirier Knows He Can Do to Max Holloway What He Did to Alvarez, Gaethje and Pettis • MMA News

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Holloway Poirier
Image Credit: Hans Gutknecht/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Dustin Poirier is the best he’s ever been ahead of UFC 236
this weekend.

As much as that might sound like an over confident
statement, Poirier isn’t getting cocky before facing featherweight champion Max
Holloway in the main event on Saturday night from Atlanta.

Instead, Poirier believes it’s just the culmination of all
the hard work he’s put into his career that finally led him to the opportunity to
compete for the UFC interim lightweight title.

In the past, Poirier will be the first to admit that he’s
been guilty of making bad decisions in the middle of a fire fight inside the
Octagon.  Through several painful
lessons, he’s learned how to tamp down his tendencies to get drawn into a slugfest
and these days he’s rather enjoying playing the hammer much more than he ever
did when he was the nail.

“I’m obviously the most mature I’ve been, the most patient
and just over time and understanding of the fight game,” Poirier said ahead of
UFC 236. “I know it’s dangerous I’m still battling that not to just bite down
and plant my feet and duke it out with these guys. I usually end up on the
right side of that but the times that I don’t aren’t worth it. I know I have
the power and the grit to put a lot of these guys away but when I do fight like
that, it’s just whoever lands that shot first.

“That’s just totally disrespecting the years of work that
I’ve put in. I’m just hardwired that way. I’m a fighter at heart. When things
get ugly, when things get tough, I don’t flight. I fight.”

The improvements he’s made in his game have been undeniable
over the past few years, especially after Poirier stopped killing himself to cut
down to featherweight.

At lightweight, Poirier is 8-1 with one no contest and his
last three fights have all earned him post fight bonuses.

In that trio of consecutive wins, Poirier has taken out two
former UFC champions in Anthony Pettis and Eddie Alvarez while also putting
Justin Gaethje down in his most recent performance. Poirier managed to finish
all three of those opponents by either knockout or submission while steadily
climbing up the lightweight rankings.

Holloway will present the opportunity for Poirier to not
only win the UFC interim lightweight title but it also affords him the chance
to add another champion to his resume. In addition to his accolades as the
reigning and defending featherweight king, Holloway has also racked up 13 wins
in a row with a string of performances equally as impressive as Poirier.

By that measure it would appear this main event fight will pose
the classic paradox ‘what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable
object?’ but Poirier doesn’t intend on allowing that to happen.

As much as he’s prepared for five rounds of hell on Saturday
night, Poirier is also confident that he can do to Holloway the same that he
did to Alvarez, Gaethje and Pettis in his last three fights.

“I know I can,” Poirier said. “I just have to go out there
with the mindset and go out there ready to overcome anything he does. Ready to
overcome anything that comes up in there. Whatever happens, I trust in myself
and believe in my abilities. I know I can get it done and I know I can make it
look smooth doing it.

“This is the perfect time for me to showcase my true
abilities because the guy is coming off great performances, everybody is
talking about him. He’s really shining out there, outclassing people. If I go
out there and do that to him, that really makes a statement winning the belt
but really outclassing one of the best guys in the UFC right now.”

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