Drew McIntyre should become Mr. Money In The Bank

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Drew McIntyre has suffered through enough start and stop pushes on the main roster of WWE. It’s time he became a permanent world title contender by winning the Money In The Bank briefcase.

It almost happened before Royal Rumble. Then, it felt like we might be on the verge of it leading up to WrestleMania. Now, there’s a perfect opportunity for it at Money In The Bank. It’s something I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again now. WWE needs to give Drew McIntyre a world title push.

McIntyre is one of the most qualified superstars on the roster to receive a world title shot. He’s incredibly impressive in the ring, with an arsenal of eye-catching powerful and athletic moves.

He’s been able to use those moves in conjunction with some great ring psychology to build himself into one of the best heels in WWE today. His brutal dismantling of Kurt Angle still stands out as a breakthrough performance.

When you put all that together with some not too shabby mic skills, you get the blueprint for a future champion in my eyes.

Unfortunately though, I’ve made that pitch before. Plenty of others have probably made that pitch before too. Nevertheless, WWE hasn’t really done anything to give McIntyre that sustained push.

Sure, he’s been given some great opportunities. A match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania isn’t a title opportunity, but it’s pretty close. Although he walked away with a loss, it was a match that I still feel likely helped elevate his profile.

Lately however, McIntyre’s been something of an after-thought. That’s not necessarily surprising in and of itself, we’ve been through this with ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ before, but having him basically play second fiddle to Baron Corbin again certainly is a bit shocking.

Besides teaming with Corbin in a losing effort against Ricochet and Braun Strowman to build the Money In The Bank ladder match, McIntyre was used in a clear secondary role during Corbin’s heel antics which prevented Strowman from defeating Sami Zayn to keep his spot in said match

Drew McIntyre really hasn’t received any singular spotlight that would make him seem like a threat to win the Money In The Bank briefcase.

He hasn’t been booked like the favorite he should be presented as. This is a man who just took on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The man who took John Cena out of the Royal Rumble match in the storylines. McIntyre was practically an unstoppable destroyer for months in WWE.

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Now, he’s barely been a cliff note in the build for the Money In The Bank ladder. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily out of contention for the briefcase though. In fact, some would argue it could mean his odds are actually increased going into the match.

Anyone who’s familiar with WWE and their treatment of the Money In The Bank winners knows the company acts a little bit opposite from what you would probably expect. Losses are typically more common than wins for the Money In The Bank winner, to say the least, despite their status as basically a champion in waiting.

If that indeed is going to be the case in this instance, then Drew McIntyre’s push towards a world championship needs to start this weekend. Money In The Bank should be McIntyre’s next great breakthrough performance.

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When Sunday night wraps up, fans should turn off their TVs with the lasting image of Drew McIntyre as Mr. Money In The Bank.


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