Drake Maverick: Two-time 24/7 champ, possible one time divorcee

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The Drake Maverick/Renee Michelle marriage is off to a rocky start, at least (and hopefully just) in kayfabe.

First, the new bride had to pressure her husband into even going on their honeymoon after he lost the 24/7 title at their wedding. Some bad advice from EC3 helped, though…

Then he started the honeymoon at Raw. Good thing Michelle is a fan of line dancing…

Eight-time 7-11 European TV champ R-Truth knew what Drake really wanted, though. And he flaunted that hideous prestigious green belt in front of Maverick until his wife gave him an ultimatum:

Maverick did pick the beautiful indie wrestler from Maryland, but when fate gave him an opportunity to regain the championship, he took it.

I think Michelle would have preferred he kept his luggage, though…

Oh well. If the whole marriage thing doesn’t work out for him, at least Drake has his beloved title. He even customized it!

Counting down the hours until we see Truth crash a resort looking for a rematch. But if Mrs. Maverick doesn’t win the strap at some point, I’m gonna be pretty disappointed.

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