Don’t tell Becky Lynch she’s channeling anyone, including Conor McGregor

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Becky Lynch has become WWE’s biggest star over the past several months, but, for your own safety, please do not make the mistake of saying that she’s channeling anybody. “The Man” doesn’t need to use others for inspiration. “The Man” stands alone.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch hasn’t just taken WWE by a storm since winning the title at Hell in a Cell two months ago. No, Becky owns WWE in a way that no other superstar can. She’s won over every single member of the WWE Universe with her promos, in-ring work, and envious social media game.

Becky’s quick wit and promo chops caused Forbes writer Brian Mazique to pen an article about how Lynch channeled Conor McGregor to ascend to the top of WWE. The piece itself was thorough and well-written, but, of course, Becky took exception to the piece’s premise.

On Twitter this morning, Lynch made it abundantly clear that she channels nobody.

She 100-percent would snap McGregor’s arm in half, and if you dispute that, I don’t want to hear your oh-so-serious, lengthy analysis that is grounded in years of pretend mixed martial arts experience. The only evidence I need is that Becky Lynch is “The Man”, and anyone who steps to her is getting their limbs ripped apart in milliseconds.

Oh, and the “@” of McGregor, the comment that they are “Irish brother & sister”, and the “joy” emoji are all more subtle examples of Becky’s social media genius. It’s true what colleague Kyle Boris wrote: Becky Lynch is the queen of Twitter, and not even Charlotte Flair can cop her style.

Becky remains out of action with a concussion and broken nose that she suffered on the episode of Raw prior to Survivor Series, but rumors are swirling that Becky could get her match against “Ronnie” Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. Even if it ends up being a Triple Threat with anti-hero-lite Charlotte once again sticking her nose into one of Becky’s matches, that would still be a hell of a main event.

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Because it isn’t a WrestleMania main event without “The Man”, who will beat all of your champions, own Seth Rollins, and break McGregor’s arm just as easily as she’d break Rousey’s. #ThatsOurChampion

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