Dillon Danis Attacked In NYC Club

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Photo/Instagram: @dillondanis

Undefeated Bellator middleweight Dillon Danis was assaulted in “The Box” nightclub in New York City’s French District early last Sunday morning.

Video obtained by The Daily Mail shows Danis being sucker punched by an unknown shirtless assailant wearing a yellow lei necklace in the midst of a small crowd. Danis tried to retaliate, but movement in the crowd appears to cause him to fall and his attacker manages to escape.

Once the fight broke out, security immediately intervened and Danis exited the club along with other patrons, according to the source that recorded the video.

When asked for comment by journalist Ariel Helwani, Danis reported that he was physically fine and that this was, “Just another day in the life of Pablo.” He offered no further comment.

The suspect in the video is currently unidentified.

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