Did WWE forget about the Intercontinental Championship?

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We haven’t seen much of Finn Balor since his win over Andrade at this year’s Super Showdown. Is the WWE letting the Intercontinental Championship lose its luster?

Before I go any further, I love Finn Balor. I’ve adored him for a long time. I endured watching him get close to gold, only to have it pulled from under his feet rather quickly. Being a Finn Balor fan wasn’t easy for a while. But that all seemed to change when he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship off of Bobby Lashley – twice.

He’s held the title for 92 days total (counting both runs, which were interrupted by Lashley winning it back for 27 days) and overall he’s been booked well with it.

His feud with Andrade was fun and after Balor’s win against Andrade at Super Showdown, he’s been missing in action since.

Granted, it’s only been about two weeks. He could be on a much deserved vacation, especially after the bumps he took at Money in the Bank. But WWE hasn’t brought up Andrade losing to the Demon, or that the Demon was at Super Showdown. Yet we’re reminded, frequently, that Shane McMahon is still the best in the world.

It’s not entirely uncommon for wrestlers to take breaks, even title holders. I think he’ll be back in action next week and maybe he’ll even surprise us by showing up at Stomping Grounds.

However, The Intercontinental Title isn’t always highly regarded, despite being held high by the likes of The Miz, Seth Rollins and even Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley). It’s an important title that goes back decades, and I hope WWE isn’t forgetting that. But as we all know, if it isn’t mentioned every week, fans (and maybe even WWE) seems to forget it exists.

Some have even noted that Balor may have lost his positive outlook after his MITB loss, and really, can you blame him? After his first return from his SummerSlam injury, he’s been booked mostly as a jobber.

When he won the IC title I was sincerely shocked — I even cried — because his booking has been less than stellar since his comeback. And since winning the IC title, he’s gone against Bobby Lashley (who won it back, and then lost it back to Balor) and Andrade.

Not saying either of those Superstars aren’t good, but again, there’s an entire locker room of guys who could give Balor a better run for his money. Instead, creative has the entirety of the locker room looking at the other titles, and not the IC gold.

I don’t know what the future holds for Balor. It would be interesting to see him return to action as a jaded heel, one who’s looking for a challenge in WWE. Maybe they could pit him against AJ Styles, which we got a taste of a while back. Or maybe they could have the Miz go for his former title again. There’s endless possibilities creative could take with Balor, but I hope they don’t squander and waste it.

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