Did Neville Really Leave WWE?

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Did Neville Really Leave WWE?

A few weeks back, it had been reported by the Pro Wrestling Sheet that WWE had terminated Neville’s contract. The former Cruiserweight champion would, therefore, be free to perform in any federation as Dave Meltzer had pointed out. According to the journalist, the wrestler would not be forced to respect a close of non-competition as it is very often the case once a wrestler leaves the company.

Only here, a fan may have pinpointed an important detail about Neville. Present at the Performance Center, the fan in question took a picture on which we can very clearly see the old dress of the British.

This may be just a coincidence but one can still wonder what this outfit does here practically in the middle of the WWE training center. Although he is free to fight where he wants as indicated by several American sites, many fans are surprised not to see him in action elsewhere yet.

Did Neville Really Leave WWE?

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