Desmond Green’s attorney slams DUI manslaughter charge: ‘There isn’t any proof it was his fault’

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According to Florida State Prosecutors, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight, Desmond Green, was driving under the influence last August in Pembroke Pines, lost control of his car, and forced a tractor-trailer to cause a multi-car accident that killed two women.

Green’s attorney, Jaime Benjamin, wants them to prove it.

“There isn’t, at this point, any proof that it was his fault, any proof that he was under the influence,” Benjamin told “And if those two things can’t be proven, they can charge 1,000 counts, but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything.”

Green was hit with 20 charges, including DUI manslaughter.

Benjamin also claims the prosecution won’t be able to prove Green’s blood alcohol content was over the legal limit and despite the presence of cocaine in his vehicle, “The Predator” did not have any cocaine in his blood stream at the time of the crash.

“He has not been found guilty,” the attorney said. “We’re going to vigorously defend him. They haven’t even proved the crash was his fault. There was a semi-trailer that was all over the road; the semi made contact with Desmond’s vehicle, and it started spinning and struck both those vehicles.”

Green is expected to continue fighting while his case plays out in court.

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