Dean Ambrose still scheduled for upcoming WWE shows

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We’ve got major breaking news from PW Insider: Dean Ambrose, who is currently employed by WWE, will indeed be showing up to work until the time that he is no longer employed by WWE.

More at 11.

Jokes aside, they do report that Ambrose is scheduled for upcoming WWE shows, including television next week, so there doesn’t appear to be any rush to take him off television while his contract runs out. This is worth pointing out only because WWE itself acknowledged that Ambrose would be leaving the company when his current deal expires in April.

They offered him a lot of money, but he’s reportedly unhappy creatively.

This is also worth pointing out because there are those reports that, well, some think this is all a big work. It is strange, after all, that WWE would come out and announce that he’s leaving. If it’s a work, we’ll get a better inkling of what the plan is when we see how he’s used on television. If he’s booked for an intergender match with Nia Jax — as they teased — and loses clean within a minute, we’ll know exactly where things stand.

If nothing else, this will continue to draw interest, and that’s what all of this is about in the end anyway, right?

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