Darren Till Rushes Out from Backstage to Answer Ben Askren’s Call Ahead of UFC London • MMA News

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The fans in London nearly got treated to an extra main event after Darren Till ran out from backstage to shout at Ben Askren on stage during a Q&A in London.

In the lead up to this weekend’s card from England, Askren has loudly proclaimed that he wants the winner of the headline fight between Till and Jorge Masvidal but he’s put a little extra effort in calling out the former title contender from Liverpool.

On Friday, Askren was doing a Q&A session with fans when he called out Till yet again except this time the British slugger was backstage preparing for the ceremonial weigh-ins.

That’s when Till took it upon himself to emerge from the back to scream at Askren before UFC security dragged him backstage again.

“That’s who I came for,” Askren said pointing towards Till.

As he was leaving, video was caught backstage that showed Till flipping Askren off with both hands as security dragged him behind the curtain so there was no further escalation to the situation.

Till already had a partisan London crowd on his side but the fans in attendance during the Q&A roared as he made his way out to confront Askren on stage.

Before Till has a chance to settle things with Askren, he first has to get through Masvidal on Saturday as the two welterweights headline the UFC Fight Night card from England.

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