Dark Allie’s Debut is Perfectly Terrifying

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Former Impact Wrestling ray of sunshine Allie has officially turned over to the dark side, and “Dark Allie’s” debut in the ring on Impact tonight was full of the subtleties and horror that have punctuated her 2018.

Allie’s 2018 with Impact Wrestling has been the most eventful, terrifying, and electric of any performer on the roster. Since she formally lost her soul after this year’s Slammiversary, Allie’s new persona, “Dark Allie”, has been lurking around backstage and at ringside with her new undead crony, Su Yung.

Dark Allie made her in-ring debut tonight against Heather Monroe, and her performance was just the right move Impact needed to make to progress Allie’s story into full-on terror mode.

While Dark Allie was overpowered by Monroe during the opening moments of the match, all it took was a simple twitch to shift Allie’s entire psyche. After that, Allie was doing whatever it took to completely brutalize Monroe.

Punctuated by hitting herself in the face, laughing frantically on the ropes, and even borrowing the bloodied glove of Su Yung to administer a mandible claw, Dark Allie’s debut served as proof that there is nothing left of the Allie we all knew, which behind the gore and horror effects may be the scariest part of this whole story.

What was most shocking is that after Allie’s win, as Allie had the bloody glove hooked around Heather Monroe’s jaw, Allie’s former friend Kiera Hogan ran out to try and knock some sense into Allie. Hogan, of course, had previously been confident that her old friend still had to be there somewhere.

Hogan’s hopes were shattered, however, as Allie and Su Yung then began to attack her and leave her in a heap in the ring, the two women then walking off hand-in-hand.

Again, the scariest parts of Allie’s journey this year are always the human aspects of the story, rather than the supernatural, which is why Dark Allie’s debut tonight fits perfectly.

What was most terrifying about Dark Allie’s debut had nothing to do with the special effects, but mostly relied on the notion that it’s possible to succumb to darkness in such a way that you allow it to totally consume you.

It also relies on the notion that you could have so much hope and faith that there’s good in another person, and you could be totally wrong.

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After tonight’s events, I’m pretty certain Impact may book Dark Allie vs. Kiera Hogan in either the weeks to come, or even at Homecoming. The friction between Allie and Kiera now is too thick and too emotional to not capitalize on in a big way.

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