Daniel Bryan is the planet’s champion

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Oh, this right here is fantastic:

“You people used to revere the old Daniel Bryan, you used to love the old Daniel Bryan, but the old Daniel Bryan is dead. Shut up! I did not give you permission to chant “YES!” I am not here to please you people. I am no longer the people’s champion, I am the planet’s champion. I’m out here defending the planet from you heathens every single night. I don’t care if it’s AJ Styles, I don’t care if it’s the great John Cena, tonight I am going to prove why I am the planet’s champion.”

That’s a promo Bryan cut at the SmackDown Live house show in Baltimore on Friday night just before John Cena made his return for a match. It really has worked out so very well that WWE turned him heel and allowed him to tap into this side of himself, which, for anyone who hasn’t watched Total Divas or the Bella Twins YouTube channel, this isn’t that far off from the man playing the character.

It’s perfect.

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