Daniel Bryan blames baby boomers, Vince McMahon for plight of the world

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Daniel Bryan just keeps making good points.

Since turning heel, Bryan has made some excellent arguments about caring for the environment, the dangers of factory farming and consumerism cultural. On Tuesday night’s (Jan. 22) episode of SmackDown Bryan attacked the Baby Boomer generation.

The thing was Vince McMahon was in the ring while Bryan was going on his latest rant.

On the go-home show to Bryan’s title defense versus AJ Styles at the 2019 Royal Rumble, the WWE Champion was able to make it very awkward with McMahon.

McMahon’s facial expressions during Bryan’s promo were priceless.

We’re only five days away from another potential Bryan versus Styles classic, and all we can think about is the WWE Champion attempting to verbally pile-on McMahon.

What if WWE rebooted The Authority versus Daniel Bryan storyline, but this time the McMahon Family were the babyfaces?

On the mic Bryan has been on fire ever since he turned heel, is AJ Styles the one to take the title off of him on Sunday night?

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