Daily DDT Staff Picks for Top 5 Current WWE Wrestlers

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Some say the roster in WWE today is one its best in years, but who is the truly the best?

Wrestling fans, you know us. We are passionate, ravenous at times, and always, always opinionated.

How many times have you and your friend went back and forth about your favorite match? How many times have you questioned the legacy of John Cena? How many times have you had to defend a wrestling segment to a non-wrestling fan? “I know what it looks like, but it works in the story sense.”

The point is, we have our opinions and are not afraid to discuss them. Every once in a while, a wrestler will join in the discussion.

Earlier this week after WWE’s Stomping Grounds, Universal Champion Seth Rollins claimed that WWE had “the best pro wrestling on the planet” and challenged fans to “find anyone else alive who does what I do as well as I do it as often as I do it. Ya can’t.” With these two claims sparked a heated debate on Twitter that not only roped in the masses of wrestling fans, but also other wrestlers that decided to voice their opinions.

Naturally, we at Daily DDT discussed the news and had our own debate amongst ourselves: how does Seth Rollins compare to Will Ospeary? Is Seth even the best wrestler in the WWE? This led to an important question, “Who is the Top Wrestler in WWE?” Every contributor and expert gave their picks, and the opinions were all over the place.

So I decided to give our readers a peek into that debate. Here are the Top 5 WWE Active Wrestlers of different members of the Daily DDT family and why:


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