Curt Hawkins’s miracle was well-earned

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Moments ago, Curt Hawkins finally silenced his critics by ending his losing streak in superfluous fashion: by winning the Raw Tag Team Titles with Zack Ryder at WWE WrestleMania 35.


On Curt Hawkins’s WWE journey ever since returning in 2016, an unflattering number has haunted his WWE career. That number has continued to increase with every single match and made him into something of a walking, talking joke. That number is his losing streak.

Going into WWE WrestleMania 35 tonight, that number was 269, but only two numbers mattered by time his title match against The Revival ended: the number eight and the number three.

Eight, because the Met Life Stadium where Mania is held is eight miles away from the New York area where both Hawkins and Ryder are from.

Three, because it only took three seconds – a three-count – before that losing streak was over.

For the past two and a half years of watching Hawkins’s losing streak, his streak had become something of a sleeper hit with fans. When he was re-hired in time for the re-introduction of the brand split, fans got the impression that Hawkins was merely hired as enhancement talent. Whether that is true or not, he clearly became so much more than that.

In playing his role so well for so long, Hawkins made many of us care about his loses. Even when we went into a match knowing for a fact that he was going to lose, we couldn’t help but pull for him to finally break that losing streak. Even if it was only for a smidge of a second, we half-expected – or desperately wanted – to see Hawkins win because he was so good at drawing sympathy from audiences. He did just that tonight for a match made with six-days notice on an unaired segment.

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Then, to a chorus of “Hawkins!” chants, he did the impossible. Now, he’s 269-1.

Even if he goes to 280-1 by tomorrow night, that 1 is the only W that matters. And it couldn’t have been more well earned for a guy who put more work into a loser character than anyone expected out of him.


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