Curt Hawkins replaces Braun Strowman in Mixed Match Challenge 2

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Braun Strowman had to have elbow surgery, but is also embroiled in a program with Baron Corbin, where the two are scheduled for a hugely important match at TLC. That’s the same event where the final of the second season of Mixed Match Challenge is scheduled.

Strowman had been teaming with Ember Moon, and the two were undefeated. With the two scheduled to wrestle on this week’s episode, a replacement had to be named.

That replacement has been named.

That replacement is Curt Hawkins.

The story here is that Hawkins is on a historic losing streak, having dropped something like 236 matches in a row. Now, he’s on a team that has yet to lose in a tournament where the winners earn the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble. He was announced on Raw, where he was in Ember’s corner for her match against Alicia Fox. Moon won that match and, well, Hawkins is just excited to be this close to a victory:

He could break the losing streak as soon as tomorrow night, folks.

Get excited.

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