Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder Need To Team Again, Bro

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Once the WWE Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder have had two interesting careers since then. One has become a former Intercontinental Champion. The other has been released and rehired to now having an impressive losing streak.

Back in December 2007, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder made a major switch to their careers. The two transformed from Brett and Brian Major into the two men that we know today. The two were revealed to be huge fans of Edge, being dubbed “The Edgeheads” at one point. Alongside The Rated R Superstar, Hawkins and Ryder made their way to the WWE Tag Team Titles at The Great American Bash.

Unfortunately, they later lost the titles to The Colon’s in their first defense. The two continued to have trouble to get over as a team as a part of “La Familia.” They were eventually broken up in the 2009 Supplemental Draft whenever Zack Ryder was drafted to the ECW brand. Thus leaving Curt Hawkins on Smackdown and the team was officially split.

Soon after the draft, Zack Ryder would begin his “Broski” gimmick in ECW and Curt Hawkins was soon sent down to Florida Championship Wrestling. Curt Hawkins would continue to be used as a tag team competitor in his return to the main roster. He would be teamed with both Vance Archer and Tyler Reks but both teams failed to get over. Hawkins was later released from the WWE in 2014 before eventually being hired just two years later.

Zack Ryder’s ride was still bumpy but not as much. Ryder would create his own YouTube channel, “Z! True Long Island Story” to attempt to get over. The channel would become super popular and soon the “Ryder Revolution” was upon us. The fans demanded Zack Ryder at WWE shows chanting his name and holding up signs. The WWE couldn’t deny his popularity forever.

The WWE began to give Ryder a push up the card. He would get his first taste of singles gold in at TLC 2011 by defeating Dolph Ziggler. Zack Ryder became the WWE United States Champion. Unfortunately, like his run as a tag team champion, this title reign didn’t last very long. Although, things didn’t look too bleak… yet.

Zack would soon get romantically involved with Eve. This relationship would drag him into the story that through all of Ryder’s momentum right down the toilet. Ryder found himself involved with Kane and John Cena’s “Embrace The Hate” feud. He was wheelchair bound after an attack by Kane. If things couldn’t get worse, he then caught John Cena and Eve kissing. Then Kane attacked him, again.

The rise of Zack Ryder looked to be over. In the years since, Zack Ryder has floated up and down amongst the main brands and even, NXT. He has been a part of the popular tag team, The Hype Bros and had a feel-good moment at Wrestlemania 32 by winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Just as the others, the past tells how that title reign went.

Curt Hawkins followed a similar route to get back to the WWE. By helping his popularity grow with the use of social media, people were excited whenever Curt Hawkins return was announced. Unfortunately, Hawkins continued to fail to find his spot in the WWE. Hawkins picked up his last victory over Apollo Crews in November 2016. Now, almost two years later, he hasn’t won a match since.

Currently, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are both not doing anything major on the card. Off the screen, Hawkins and Ryder have been working together to create their own podcast and a new show called “Figure It Out!” dedicated wrestling figures. If the WWE puts these together on-screen as well, this could be able to possibly reignite both of these men’s careers.

We have never seen Hawkins and Ryder as faces together in the WWE. If they are booked correctly, they could possibly be a throwback of Edge and Christian. Using comedy on the microphone and still being able to go in the ring.

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I would love to see these two guys back together. And I believe they have the perfect story already set up. Curt Hawkins get Zack Ryder to help break his streak. And go.

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