Cup of coffee in the big time: Rey Mysterio remains incredible

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Rey Mysterio is 44 years old.

I’m just tossing that out there as a reminder while he’s operating as one of the greatest wrestlers on Earth in 2019.

Mysterio will have been wrestling for 30 years when next month ends. But here we are, with him still operating at an incredibly high level on the biggest stage in the sport.

In 1995, Mysterio and Psicosis had one of the most important early feuds for luchadors in an American promotion when in ECW.

After ECW, Mysterio became a lynchpin of the WCW’s cruiserweight division … more than twenty years ago.

He’s been unmasked, a No Limit Soldier, a Filthy Animal, remasked, became a WWE superstar, lost Eddie Guerrero, won the Royal Rumble, won the World Heavyweight Championship (twice) and the WWE Championship (once) along with a host of other secondary title reigns. All before an unceremonious end to his WWE run … in 2015.

And here we sit in 2019, with Mysterio — who was thought to have lost a few steps before leaving WWE and hitting places like AAA and Lucha Underground — routinely tearing the roof off at SmackDown Live.

The matches with Andrade have breathed new life into Mysterio and he delivered yet again in a four-way for the United States Championship last night, he was the standout performer — which should take nothing away from the other three men who also delivered in yet another top-notch SmackDown Live match.

This late-career kick for Mysterio is doing great things to boost his place in the all-time performer list — and he was already really damn high.

This is not Rey Mysterio…

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