Cup of coffee in the big time: In appreciation of Mustafa Ali

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Mustafa Ali has done some amazing things since coming to WWE. Simply breaking away from 205 Live and into a main event role on SmackDown Live is amazing.

But pulling an inspired match out of Randy Orton may be the most amazing thing he’s done yet.

With one eye swelling shut, Ali drew the best match in recent memory out of Orton.

It helps the SmackDown crew seems to have nearly perfected TV matches within the limitations of this era, but Orton is not always the most motivated man inside the squared circle.

Maybe it was that facing someone new and a bit outside the box of typical opponents sparked something in Orton or maybe it’s that Ali is on an amazing run of solid matches and clicking with damn near everyone.

But either way, we’re going to take today as an opportunity to appreciate some classic Mustafa Ali work.

So find some time to watch some matches and we’ll get back to the heavy lifting of opinion writing tomorrow.

ACH vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – AAW 1/25/2013

Jonathan Gresham vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – Freelance Wrestling 7/8/2016

Marty Scurll vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – Freelance Wrestling Invades Warped Tour 7/23/2016

Lio Rush vs. Prince Mustafa Ali – Freelance Wrestling 10/27/2016


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  • I definitely lost it watching the farewell video for Hideo Itami.

It’s almost my birthday. I have to remember not to drink too much or else …

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