Crowd Turning on Triple Threat Proves Kofi Kingston Push Working

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WWE Fastlane’s main event was bombarded by “Kofi! Kofi!” chants, followed by a bevy of “We Want Kofi!” chants. Whatever WWE is trying with Kofi Kingston’s push, they should keep doing it because it is working. 

Earlier in the night, WWE teased Kofi Kingston’s insertion into the WWE Championship main event between Kevin Owens and champion Daniel Bryan, only to knock the legs right from under the New Day member. Instead, they put him in a Handicap Match against The Bar, who decimated him.

Despite this, upon the bell’s ringing for the title match, it was announced as a Triple Threat match. Once again, all of our hopes were high, only to be crushed. Rather than a beaten and battered Kofi, we got Mustafa Ali. Which, you know, makes sense. WWE needed to pay off Ali never getting his title match due to his injury at some point anyway. However, no offense to Ali, he’s no Kofi and the fans were not happy. Not one bit.

Truth be told, anybody in Ali’s spot tonight would have been booed just because they’re not Kofi Kingston. On paper, a match between Ali, Owens and Bryan sounds like a banger that anybody would’ve been clamoring for. Truth be told, it was a really good match as well, with a gnarly finish to boot. However, no matter how good the match got, even in its exhilarating final moments, the match was overshadowed by chants for Kofi Kingston.

If anything, this means that the push for Kingston that WWE is doing is working. You remember the last time that a crowd like this took over a match with chants for someone else like this? It was back when Daniel Bryan was a babyface for the 2014 and 2015 Royal Rumbles; especially in the 2014 Rumble where Bryan wasn’t even a participant. And we all know where that put Bryan on the road to WrestleMania that year. We expect similar things for Kofi.

It’s easy to be skeptical of WWE’s booking these days, but in this case at least, they know what they’re doing it seems. Yes, they are doing Kofi dirty every chance of the way, but that’s the point. The more they screw Kofi over and the more they remind fans of how they’re screwing Kofi over, the more satisfying Kingston’s win at WrestleMania is going to be.

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Of course, that actually has to happen before we can write this angle off as a success. Don’t let us down on this one, WWE. We’re rooting for you to get this right for once.



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