Craig Jones Submits Anthony Johnson at Submission Underground 9

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Capping off a stacked card of grappling singles and tag team matches, Craig Jones overcame a massive weight disadvantage to submit Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at Submission Underground 9. Alongside the main event were standout performances by UFC Alums Kevin Casey and Gabriel Gonzaga against returning SUG competitor Micah Brakefield and fellow UFC vet Fabiano Scherner.

Casey and Brakefield wasted no time
testing the waters with collar tie attempts that took them all over the octagon
before Brakefield pulled half guard. Casey was able to capitalize on the
roughly 30 lbs. he had over the 10th Planet black belt to prevent
any hip movement and eventually pass to side control. Here Brakefield would
make two reverse triangle attempts that Casey was able to slip his head out of.
Casey responded by threatening some shoulder locks of Brakefields’s left arm. Brakefield
managed to re establish his guard at the end of the round, and the match went
into overtime.  

Both men opted to start in the
spider web arm bar position, but Casey was able to both submit Brakefield and
quickly escape the position to earn the win. Casey then revealed in his post
fight interview with Chael Sonnen that his grandmother had unfortunately passed
away that morning. “I pray that she was received by angels,” Casey said.

Next up two former UFC rivals would
finally face off for the first time in over a decade. Gonzales started strong
with an early arm drag to back take. From there Scherner is forced against the
cage and taken down with a twist throw into half guard. He proceeds to pass,
but over extends on an arm lock attempt and Scherner is able to stand up.
Gonzales retains head and arm control and jerks him back down to the ground and
flips into mount. The rest of the match consisted of Gonzales maintaining mount
and attempting two triangles before repositioning to maintain top control.

Both fighters enter over time and
like the previous match both men opt for the spider web position with Gonzales
first escaping from Scherner in just 11 seconds. Next Scherner worked to escape
from Gonzales by stacking him up, but Gonzales was eventually able to extend
and get the tap. Gonzales would then reveal that at the time of his accepting
the match he had no idea what EBI rules were and had to ask one of his

Compared to the last two matches, the main event didn’t even make it out of the first minute. Jones sits down almost as soon as the match starts and moves to get a butterfly hook in the now kneeling Johnson. Johnson attempts to collect Jones’ right leg for an over under pass but Jones Turns it into a triangle attempt before being forced to reposition. Going in again Jones gets into deep half while Johnson is sitting into his base and manages to collect his right leg and turn into a heelhook, securing the win at 48 seconds of the round.

“Shout out to Rumble for stepping
into my rule set, I’ll never return the favor,” Jones said in his post fight
interview. During the discussion Sonnen revealed that Jones may have a fight
lined up with UFC Fighter and former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Ronaldo “Jacaré”
Souza, to which Jones eagerly agreed. Turning to Johnson, Chael asked if this
match was a possible warm up for a return to MMA and what his plans were. “If
the price is right,” was his only response.

Replays of all the matches are available on UFC Fightpass.

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