Craig Jones Chokes Tex Johnson For Win at Kasai

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Tex Johnson said one of them would leave the match with a limp–actually, what he said was “don’t let me break your s***”– but it was Craig Jones that got the win at Kasai Grappling’s most recent fight night on July 4. The Aussie beat the Yankee by RNC.

Johnson made his game plan so well known that Jones, a world class leg locker, skipped leg entanglements altogether and dove into kimura attacks, working to expose the back and get the neck. A tactic which obviously worked.

Matheus Lutes, Richie Martinez, Tony Way, Mansher Khera, Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante, Talita Alencar, Vagner Rocha, and Renato Canuta rounded out the list of champs for the event.

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Kimberly Kaye

Kimberly Kaye is a blue belt under Plinio Cruz now training BJJ and Muay Thai out of NOLA MMA. When she’s not being choked or kicked by large Louisianians, she’s a student of integrative medicine/nutrition at FCMA and rehabilitator of deaf bully breed dogs no one else wants. Kimberly coexists with the rare diseases CIPO and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, and is an advocate for disabled individuals in the martial arts community and world at large.

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