Could Drake Maverick become EC3’s manager?

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As Wrestling Inc. and @kimberlasskick tweeted last night, 205 Live general manager and Authors of Pain mouthpiece Drake Maverick managed EC3 in a dark match on SmackDown against Luke Harper, who recently returned from injury. Harper has yet to make his television debut, but it feels like he could be on our screens after the Superstar Shakeup.

Though EC3 competed in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania 35 pre-show, he has been largely absent from television. He doesn’t need a mouthpiece by any means as one of wrestling’s best talkers, but the idea of him and Maverick potential teaming up is intriguing. Who says two great talkers can’t team up?

Plus, Maverick and EC3 have history together going back to TNA, and their friendship could result in some awesome segments. Both men are incredibly talented and willing to make fun of themselves for the audience’s enjoyment, so this could be the makings of a good heel run if it’s more than just a one-off surprise for the post-WrestleMania crowd. (So, yeah, don’t ignore the whole “surprise” angle aspect here.)

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Hopefully WWE has real plans for EC3 in 2019, because, again, he’s far too talented to be sitting on the sidelines or saddled with a stereotypical “bodybuilder” gimmick.

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