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We’ve still got just over five weeks until the Road to WrestleMania begins with the thirty-second annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Between the chaos of TLC, and the newly introduced “fresh start” led by the McMahon family, it’s difficult to know exactly what we’ll get by the time WWE Royal Rumble 2019 arrives. We already know three matches that will be happening, but there are some strong possibilities up and down the card!

Traditionally, the Royal Rumble tends to have less matches than the average WWE pay-per-view just by virtue of the two Royal Rumble matches occupying so much time. However, with WWE’s shift to longer and longer events, it’s far from a stretch to expect nine matches like we saw in 2018. We’ll probably see some championships get shoved to the Kickoff Show. It’s never something I’ll be completely okay with, but that’s just the nature of WWE today.

The Royal Rumble has also traditionally been home to unlikely challengers when it comes to championship matches. With most of the focus being on superstars who hope to win the Royal Rumble and punch their ticket to WrestleMania, those who challenge the champions can lose the opportunity to take part in the Royal Rumble itself. There have been exceptions, but even those who have pulled double duty don’t have a good shot at winning the Rumble.

Before we get to the favorites in those titular matches, let’s look at some of the other pairings we may see in just over five weeks at WWE Royal Rumble 2019. Who could use this fresh start to launch themselves into a title opportunity at one of WWE’s biggest events of the year?

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