Colin Jost was the best celebrity heel we’ve seen in years

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Now that WrestleMania is all said and done, it’s time to talk about how stellar Colin Jost’s heel work has been these past few weeks in WWE.

We all cringed a little inside when we saw Colin Jost and Michael Che – the stars of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update – stroll into WWE Monday Night Raw. Celebrities are usually either a hit or miss in wrestling and in more recent years, celebs have been a cringeworthy miss on WWE television.

Most of us cringed even harder in learning that Jost and Che were appointed as the special guest correspondents for WrestleMania 35; more so because no one knows what that even is. Like, what exactly is a special guest correspondent? Long after Mania’s been wrapped up, nobody knows. Jost and Che didn’t do a whole lot of corresponding during the show, or anything after the battle royal for that matter.

Anyway, while both Jost and Che were out of their element in an awkward spot, but they made the most out of it. Especially Colin Jost, who may be a top candidate for being the best celebrity heel we have seen in recent memory. He wasn’t Andy Kaufman – not by a long shot – but he sure did a great job in getting us to hate him.

For die hard fans of wrestling who hate the idea of a celebrity “invading” their product, Jost didn’t have to do much, but he did one thing to get casual fans to hate him: he wore rival sports team memorabilia.

It’s such a small thing, but it’s also genius because surprisingly, no one else has done such a thing for heat. Most heels just stick to bashing the hometown’s sports teams or big-upping a rival team. Without saying a word, Jost just had to put on a hat or put on a jersey and he got the loudest boos of the night. From that alone, he not only made us hate him, but he made us want to tear the guy from smithereens. Thankfully, he did just that at WrestleMania 35. Speaking of, the therapist trying to convince Braun to make amends was a nice touch, too, as was the car thing from a couple weeks back.

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I don’t know who came up with the idea for the jerseys or even the therapist thing, but whoever came up with it needs to pat themselves on the back. No matter who’s idea it was, Jost really needs to be commended for the performance he gave. He was the perfect heel without being directly mean, malicious, or maniacal in his intent. While we’re at it, Che deserves an honorable mention for his participation as an unlucky guy in the middle.

Colin Jost wasn’t on WWE TV long enough to do a whole lot, but for what he did, he was superb.

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