Colby Covington has no issue defending title against Jorge Masvidal for a seven-figure paycheck

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight division is getting a bit crowded at the top, especially after Jorge Masvidal smashed Ben Askren in a record-setting five seconds at UFC 239 (see it again here) last Saturday night (July 6, 2019) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With Colby Covington — who was in line to face division champion Kamaru Usman — now set to fight Robbie Lawler on Aug. 3 at UFC on ESPN 5, things could get interesting between Jorge and “Chaos,” who have lived together and continue to train alongside one another at American Top Team (ATT).

But just like Jorge, Colby doesn’t have an issue smashing his boy in the face if it means they are fighting for the strap and collecting coin along the way.

“I’m defending my title against Robbie Lawler on August 3rd, and whoever thinks is next, I can give a title shot to anybody. If ‘Marty’ wants to keep faking injuries and run around not defending the belt, then Jorge can come get a title shot,” said Colby during a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

“It doesn’t matter who’s next. I am the people’s champion, America’s champion and I am going to do what the people want. Whoever they think is next, that is going to be next. There is no friends in this business. I got into this to be the best in the world and I know I am the best in the world right now. So whoever it is, I am going to knock them all off one by one,” he added.

As far as potential training conflicts at ATT, Colby say it won’t be an issue as the team as a whole will figure out a way to provide adequate training times for both men. And while he admits fighting Masvidal isn’t ideal, at the end of the day it’s all about the gold and green.

“We would dread it, but let’s be honest, we have been beating each other up and fighting each other for free the last eight years at American Top Team (ATT), so to go out there and get a seven-figure paycheck for both of us and set ourselves up for the rest of our lives, it wouldn’t be a big deal,” he added.

“We are fighters at heart and that’s what we do and that’s what we love to do. Fighters fight, man, and there is only one man in this business and that’s why we are here is to be that man. We are here to be at the top of the mountain, to have this (the UFC belt). So whoever wants to come get it, come get it, boy. I will take on all comers.”

Of course, should “Ruthless” defeat Covington in Newark, New Jersey, the path to a title shot against Usman is wide open for Masvidal, regardless of what this other former champion has to say.

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