Cody Rhodes wants enough pyro to blow up the stage at Double or Nothing

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Episode six of The Road to Double or Nothing was all about family and pyro. Lots of pyro.

The episode began with a tribute to Luke Perry, father of All Elite Wrestling’s Jungle Boy, and then pivoted to a meeting about the finances of Double or Nothing.

Rhodes held a conference call with AEW’s Vice President of Business Chris Harrington strategy to go over the line items in the budget for the May 25th event. Looking to sign more competitors for the Over the Budget Battle Royale, Rhodes inked Ace Romero to a deal.

You may remember Romero from the ‘pounce heard around the world’ viral video where he literally shoulder blocked a dude from the ring into the front row.

Rhodes then wanted to run by the idea of a contained explosion on the stage for Double or Nothing. There’s bringing back pyro to pro wrestling, and then there’s another level of pyro-love where you introduce explosions into the world of pro wrestling.

Check episode six of The Road to Double or Nothing above.

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