Cody Rhodes Pours Water On WWE Rumors, Hypes Up All In 2

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Cody Rhodes partook in a match on Chris Jericho’s “Rock & Wrestling Rager Cruise” over the weekend, and afterwards he spoke about the rumors linking him to WWE and the possibility of “All In 2” taking place.

For the better part of two years, Cody Rhodes has been the most must-see wrestler outside WWE, cutting chilling promos and producing entertaining matches with promotions like ROH and NJPW. Of course, the most defining moment of his career outside WWE thus far was “All In”, which more than met expectations as a show that both offered something unique to wrestling fans and showed the health of wrestling on the Independent scene.

Recently, Cody has hinted that there will be a new chapter in his wrestling career, and there’s been speculation that he could head to a new, unannounced wrestling promotion led by Jim Ross and Chris Jericho and funded by Shahid Khan.

It’s clear that Cody and the other members of “The Elite” won’t be separating from each other any time soon, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering about his future or the potential of seeing him in WWE again. Part of this stems from the report that Cody’s contract with ROH is set to expire, and he noted that he isn’t currently booked for the huge ROH/NJPW show at Madison Square Garden.

At Chris Jericho’s “Rock & Wrestling Rager Cruise”, Cody poured cold water on the rumors that he will be heading to WWE. Per Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman, Cody told fans in attendance, following his match against Delirious, that he has “no intention” of signing with WWE.

However, Cody did say that he will do “everything in his power” to have an “All In 2”. The first “All In” was highly successful, and a second version of the event could be even better due to feedback from fans and the additional experience gained by the people, namely “The Elite”, running the show.

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While fans have been hoping for Cody to make a splash in WWE again, it seems like he has plenty of unfinished business outside the largest wrestling promotion in the world. He’s busy building his own legacy as a wrestler and promoter, and wrestling fans will be hoping for an “All In 2” in 2019.

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