‘CM Punk’ was not the answer WWE wanted from this young fan

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For the past few weeks, WWE’s been posting videos of interviewer Sarah Schreiber interacting with young fans during Raw and SmackDown commercial breaks. They’re the kind of things that get played on the big screen during downtime at sporting events – asking kids to impersonate their favorite Superstar or identify wrestlers by their nicknames.

Last night (June 24) at Raw in Everett, Washington, Screiber did the nickname gimmick. But you won’t see this week’s edition popping up on YouTube – at least not without some editing.

That’s because when she asked one young fan who goes by “The Best In The World”, he ignored the last eight months of WWE booking, and a screaming adult trying to give him the “correct” answer. This budding smark must be watching Raw Replays on WWE Network, because he said…

Should have had Greg Hamilton ask the question. Or maybe if they’d shown him the trophy?

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