CM Punk now commentator in MMA

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After having participated as host of the series ” Ultimate Beastmaster ” on Netflix and actor on some films that CM Punk continues his career on the side of the MMA. This time he is not going to climb in the octagon but commented on the action inside the octagon.

It was announced via press release that CM Punk will be a commentator for the Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC) from December 14, 2018, for the event CFFC 71. Moreover, it will be the first show for the company which will be available on the UFC Fight Pass network.

CM Punk continues his career in front of the camera with this new contract. Level combatant, it is noted that there is still a fight in the UFC on the contract of CM Punk despite his record of two fights for two losses. The UFC has still not given any news about CM Punk’s future.

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