Club WWN to air matches featuring Mustafa Ali, Kassius Ohno

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News broke on yesterday that Mustafa Ali’s opponents next month at Evolve 115 in Livonia, Michigan and Evolve 116 in Oak Lawn, Illinois would be DJ Z and Darby Allin respectively. Those will be two excellent matches against similarly well-rounded high flyers, but that’s not even the best part of the news.

The best part is from a press release issued by the World Wrestling Network themselves this morning that their streaming service Club WWN will now host every match on every Evolve show as part of the live broadcast.

Previously announcements of WWE talent were exciting on principle, but unless you were able to go to the shows, there was the wet blanket effect where I know I sat around waiting for the dreaded announcement that these matches would be held for the live audience only, but no more!

Plus, Ali isn’t the only talent coming to Evolve in the coming months, as Kassius Ohno will make his triumphant return to Evolve for Evolve 117 and 118 in December! A former Evolve Champion, in his time in Evolve as Chris Hero he was the preeminent gatekeeper in the promotion, a man who you likely couldn’t beat, but if you did you knew you were headed straight to the top. I am definitely excited to have the Knockout Artist back under any name, folks.

But wait, there’s one more! At Evolve 114 this Sunday, Evolve Tag Team Champions the Doom Patrol of Chris Dickinson and Jaka have an open challenge set, and all signs point to an NXT team showing up…

…Street Profits vs. Doom Patrol, baby!

There you have it, folks

Exciting times in Evolve! Excited to check these out on Club WWN, Cagesiders?

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