Claressa Shields: Anybody Who Thinks Broner Won is Crazy!

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By Radio Rahim

Two-time Olympic gold medal winner and unified world champion Claressa Shields was shaking her head while watching Manny Pacquiao dominate Adrien Broner over twelve rounds, as he retained his WBA “regular” welterweight title in his first fight on US soil in two years — and his first as a 40-year-old.

Pacquiao easily won with an impressive display of superior hand speed and destructive power that landed him a unanimous decision victory over the much younger challenger at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Filipino star almost knocked Broner down twice in the seventh and ninth rounds and showed that he can still be a force in the highly-competitive division despite turning 40 last month.

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Pacquiao improved to 61-7-2 with 39 knockouts, winning on all three judges’ scorecards, including by one tally of 117-111. The other two judges also had it one-sided at 116-112.

Broner claimed that he was robbed on the cards – which almost found absurd.

“I did expect more from Adrien Broner. It’s not even to the point where I wanted him to win. I wanted to him to win, but I wanted him to get that satisfaction out of himself that he gave 100%, that there was nothing else that he could do to win the fight. Throw combinations, get tired, put everything on the line to get this win – and he didn’t do that. That’s why I’m disappointed, that he didn’t do that,” Shields told

“And then after the fight… I can be honest, he didn’t win the fight. Anybody that says he did win the fight is crazy. I think I gave him two rounds out of the whole twelve. I would respect him more if he would have said, because I knew they would give him the mic, if he should have said ‘Pacquiao was the better man, I need to get back to the gym and fix some things.’ But instead he mentions Mayweather and Pacquiao 2 and politics prevented him from winning the fight, and says the whole crowd was against him.

“The crowd was against him, but the crowd is not the judges and the judges got it right. His corner has to be honest with him and the people around him have to be honest with him. He let Pacquiao do whatever he wanted to do. He was too defensive. Pacquiao came in swinging wild, missing, he got countered a couple of times. Broner would not step on the gas. He let Pacquiao gain confidence and then by the time it was the twelfth round, Pacquiao was all over him and had him running – and I didn’t want to see that from the older man.”

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